Our Catering Department is unique.

For 6 years Chuppa’s Market Place has made hosting friends and family a time to relax. Who wants to be stuck in the kitchen the entire time cooking, not to mention the tedious shopping and time consuming preparation? Our staff can prepare hors d’oeuvres, a cheese or vegetable tray, a deluxe fresh cut meat tray, mini sandwich platter, or even a hot buffet. And to top off a wonderful meal…CMP can also make a dessert tray guaranteed to make your guests hope they are invited again.

Please call us or stop in and we can discuss all the details to make your next party enjoyable for everyone..Including YOU!

Chuppa’s catering division takes pride in each and every order while covering every last detail and adding a special touch to make your occasion something special and definitely one to remember.

Leave the cooking to us! Relax and enjoy your worry free event.